How to max out your Dropbox referrals using Google AdWords

Dropbox is a great service for having your files backup and synchronizeded across your devices, like your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android. Initialy, Dropbox only offer 2 GB of free storage initially, but it can be increased a lot in different ways without paying.

You can take the tour, share a folder with a friend and upload pictures using your phone can earn you 3 GB extra. But the best way is to use referral.

When you new to Dropbox and sign up using a referral link, you get an extra 500 MB. But if you are the referee, you can get an extra 16 GB of space. For free, forever.

You could give your referral link away to you friends (which is free). But as an experiment, I tried Google AdWords. In the end I payed around US$8 for an extra 14.5GB storage.

Go to and make an account if you don’t already have one. You might got a Google AdWords coupon from your webhost (or similar), so this doesn’t have to cost you anyting.

Choose the Campaign-tab and click New Campaign. Give the campaign a name. Under Locaitions, choose All countries and territories. With this options, your ads will be available worldwide.

Leave the other options as they are. But under Bidding and budget you have to choose how much you want to spend each day and your maximum bid on the adwords. Start with a dollar (or equal to your currency) as daily maximum. As Default bid, 5 to 10 cent should do. Click save and continue.

Next up, is the creation of your ad. Write something that will catch the eye. The next thing, is to choose you keywords. You can try keywords like dropbox, dropbox android, dropbox iphone, dropbox app, free cloud space… you get the idea.

Your ad might not go live immediately since your bid for an adwords may be way below what it cost. But fear not, the adwords prices fluxuate. So from time to time, the your advertisement will be shown at the price you choose. Let the ad run for a week or so.

Remember to check both your AdWords account and Dropbox to see if you get referral to. When you feel your got enough space (or used your money), it’s time to stop the ad.

Hope this was a helpful tutorial.

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