FrankE Music – Royalty Free Music

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right tracks for my videos i publish on YouTube. I’ve been using Music Maker for a while and made some soundtracks for my videos using the AI-function (artificial intelligence). And it sounds real good. I have it here on my website as Royalty Free Music. This means you can use it for what ever you want; YouTube, podcast etc, for private or commercial use.

You can’t sell the tracks, like download them and sell them on your website. Other than that, feel free to do what you want. It would be nice if you credited it if you use my soundtracks.

I name the tracks after the template I use and add AI-tune x where x is the songnumber made with that template. The tracks are in MP3 format encoded at 256 kbps.

Artificial intelligence music tracks

Uptown AI-tune-1 – 5.25 MB


Fantasy Trip AI-tune 2 – 3.78 MB


Downtown Soul-AI tune-2 – 5.26 MB


No Time AI-tune 1 – 6.16 MB


Modern Country AI-tune 1 – 6.35 MB


Balearic Islands AI-tune 1 – 8.19 MB


Smash Hits AI-tune 1 – 5.91 MB


Fantasy Trip AI-tune 3 – 3.78 MB


Float to Infinity AI-tune 1 – 3.78 MB


Smash Hits 2 AI-tune 1 – 3.78 MB


Christmas Drones & Textures AI-tune 1 – 7.46 MB