Virkelige SPAM-penger

Hvem har vel ikke fått et par hundre e-poster som forteller om døde tanter, onkler og prinser i Nigeria. “Gi oss din bankinformasjon” sier de og du skal få både gull og grønne skoger.

Selskapet Mother London gir hvert år ut mindre beløp ved juletider. I år hadde de tenkt å gjøre noe annet. Og de sendte ut en spam-liknende e-post. Men denne gangen var det virkelige penger som blei gitt bort. Kun en person svarte.

“Dear entrusted and glorious Friend,

As an executive with many responsibilities to a multi national company here in my wonderful home town it is my great honour during this season of great peace and goodwill, to celebrate the magnificent birth of our LORD the JESUS CHRIST. To this end the company I work for is distributing the large sum of 10000 USD RISK FREE money as a Christman gift!!!

All you have to do to recieve §§§ is to be the first one to contact me at once via email with the following details:

1. *Your full name*

2. *You full and verified Bank details*

This thing is real!!!!!!

While I await to hear from you, may God be with you and your family and have a prosperous Yuletide.

With felicitations,

Chief Financial Controller

/Mother Londond/

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