Virtual Boy gameplay videoes in stereoscopic 3D

With the help of emulation, I’ve made some gameplay recordings of three Virtual Boy games viewable in stereoscopic 3D.

Nintendo released Virtual Boy in 1995, but only in Japan and USA.

Virtual Boy Wario Land

The story begins when he wakes up from a nap in the jungle and sees a group of masked monsters. He tracks them to a cave behind a waterfall and discovers a huge treasure. When Wario attempts to take the treasure, a trap is sprung, and he plummets into a huge underground labyrinth.

Mario Clash

The objective of the game is to knock all the enemies in a particular level off ledges. This is accomplished by hitting them using Koopa shells, of which there are always two—if one shell is knocked into a pit, another appears to take its place.

Panic Bomber

The goal of the game is essentially to cause your opponent to lose by causing their gameplay field to fill to the top with objects. You do this by causing chains of bombs to explode, sending useless rubble over to your opponent’s field, which they must then remove themselves.

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